It’s OFFICIAL I am the NAUGHTY GIRL of the Internet!

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As the title reads I have earned the title of the ” NAUGHTY GIRL” of the internet.

So let’s CELEBRATE together!

I would like to celebrate this by declaring that around the 15th or 16th of the month, whatever that Monday is. I will call it NAUGHTY (BOOK) NIGHT!  I will celebrate all things that are NAUGHTY=Erotic. In all it’s glory.  So let’s get started!

This month I wanted to make it simple so I am sharing a LIST with you of things that I have discovered online and you will either LOVE them or HATE them and feel free to COMMENT, I love my followers and I love to receive comments. I have categorized this list to make as simple as I can. Please enjoy.



I have to eat ya know!!!

Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg Now Available at Smashwords!

Traveling from Paris, Gabriella boards the train to Luxembourg and onto her next sexual erotic adventure. Mixed emotions lead her to the unknown, the side of her she that was unleashed until now. A new friend and confidant introduces Gabriella into a world of sexual exploration. This is the second book in the ©2012Erotic Hotel Series where we follow Gabriella Deveraux in her Erotic Adventure!


Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris-download YOURS TODAY!

©2021 Erotic Hotel Series/Gabriella Deveraux

HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris

This is one of my own and my first book written as part of a series. I know a bit of SELF PROMOTION, but hey I gotta make a living!!!

©2012 Erotic Hotel Series/Gabriella Deveraux

Latest Review:

5 out of 5 Stars…!!!

I love the raw unpolished way it is put together, The writer related to me it reminds her of a journal or diary. I find that very true,it’s appealing to me. A young woman’s perception of sexuality and fantasy, it is fresh take on erotic. I like her Candor and imagination.The character Gabriella has a love of Paris that is equal to her sexual drive and ambition.It starts right out of the gate with steam and passion.There isn’t a moment that bores nor looses you. It keeps the Character fascinating and at the forfront . This is not my typical genre, the writer has a very creative charm and so i was drawn to read her work,i am glad i did. I recommend this BOOK for some Hot Reading!

SADE- Bow Down Serve Me

He had her tied and spread for his enjoyment. Her existence was in his hands and he took her senses all but one. The only sense that she had was the ability to touch and all of the things she felt were not what she wanted.

Sade-Bow Down Serve Me Download TODAY!

Although this book has not yet been reviewed, this is a personal friend of mine and I enjoyed this book very much.  It has a dark and twisted ending and for those of you that like a thriller with a sexual side -well you will love this book. Please support his work, it is different than anything out there and trust me you will not be disappointed!
You can contact him at:
The next category of NAUGHTY is ART.

World Museum of Erotic Art-Check them out TODAY!

AMEA // World Museum
of Erotic Art is founded by Hans van der Kamp as a virtual museum in 1
996. It is believed to be the first large site with erotic art to be linked by Yahoo, resulting in thousands of visitors every day.
Irvin Bomb-
combines the erotic with the sensual in his portraits of well known art models & girl next door type muses. Whatever your desires may be we have the right dish for you. From artists tutorials to nude girls posing together, this website is your buffet for all that is erotic and full of sensuous pleasure!
I hope you have enjoyed the list of NAUGHTINESS TODAY and continue to explore your own side of NAUGHTY, you know it ‘s in there somewhere…


Visit these sites and explore your NAUGHTY SIDE and report back what you have found out about yourself and if you experimented with you and your partner on this and or last week’s ideas.

Question for all of you-

What is the difference between a NAUGHTY GIRL and a BAD GIRL? tell me in the comments…I would love to know what you think.

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