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Dear Friends,

Well I have entered a new chapter. I started this whole writing thing from a napkin. Yes, you read that right. A silly napkin in a bar. I was drinking my blues away from a serious loss and I mean a serious loss, the loss that you never really get over. You do move on as best you can but there is always this place that seems to be missing and I did my best to fill this whole with a beer and my writing. It moved from a napkin to a journal to a full on notebook. Once I healed and was able to explore other territories I was able to open up to my sexual side, which a certain person which I do not care to name at this time helped me through this. He helped me find this side of me. He helped me explore the nature that went dormant for so long. At the same time I think this was also part of a healing for me. So I say this with the best of intentions but it is now time for me to move on. It is now time for me to close this chapter and have another brighter chapter in my future. It has been twelve going on thirteen years since that horrible and devastating loss and I have grown into a woman, a beautiful and wonderful woman who knows the difference between a man and a boy and now it is time for me to grow as an author and also as the founder of Hotlit Books.  I will certainly put my last and final installment of the Erotic Hotel Series out sooner than later, but as stated it will be final. I will be focusing more on writing different stories as well as focusing my energies on the authors I represent so proudly.

I will continue to write. I will continue to keep you up to date with what is going on with my life but in a different nature. I hope that this doesn’t come as a disappointment, but as life is a journey, I am on a different path on my journey. This is one I need to take now.

I appreciate all who have continually supported my writing and my journey and I will continue to appreciate all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will see you down the next trail.

Thank you!


Gabriella Deveraux-Founder





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Booty, are you obsessed?

Last week I talked about boobies which we all know men and well women love them. Which brought me to the ASS!

Ass, BOOTY, Arse, Badonkadonk, and bum are all terms commonly used to explain the buttocks.

I have heard many times throughout my years as a female that men are either tits, leg, or ASS men. I don’t think personally I have ever ran into one that have been all three. It’s interesting though, what really attracts men. Why are they attracted to one part of a woman’s body and not the other? I am not saying that they don’t find a woman’s legs or tits any less attractive, no, I am saying is that the attraction is stronger, deeper to that one particular part and in this case the ass and what is it that really draws them in?

Scientifically speaking(I know YAWN….) men are attracted to a woman generally with a larger rounder bottom half due to the fact that it means one important thing-SHE IS FERTILE! Yes, Cavemen you can all beat your chest now. But science only plays a small role in why men choose tits or why they love that jiggle in the back. From all the research and different studies on this it all comes down to really preference.

Some men just love a really big round ASS!

Yes, I have to say this as I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence as a writer if I didn’t but big booties are also a cultural phenomenon as well.

It goes without saying that if you look into the African American culture you will see that women with round, curvy, and voluptuous rumps are celebrated! It is heavily in their culture from their clothing styles to music. In fact being a “rumpy” girl myself I looked into Beyonce’s line of jeans as well as “Applebottom” jeans that were supposed to fit a girl with a round ass and a small waist with no gap, which of course was a disappointment. We all could take some notes from the way the ass is celebrated and not hidden, especially Nicki Minaj, have you seen her in her latest video Starships? Her ass would be considered fat, not toned, all negative in other cultures, but I think she looks fantastic-YOU GO GIRL!


Another culture that celebrates the bottom half is LATIN. The larger the hips and ASS the better. Women in Latin culture do not hide the fact that their ass is round, they flaunt it another fact we could learn!  From dancing the Flamenco to the Salsa hips are pulsating and butts are wiggling emphasizing the round curves a woman’s derriere.

So here we are stuck! As a woman belonging really to neither African American or Latin cultures and a booty that is round, voluptuous and has a jiggle when I walk, I can’t help but wonder where do I fit in?

As a kid growing up I had this ass!

Kids are mean! I was called BUBBLE BUTT, couldn’t find jeans and still to this day really can’t they all have that stupid gap in the back, I guess designers just assume that someone with an ass is going to have a big fat gut too-WRONG!!! I couldn’t find a bathing suit, so I had to buy two(back in the day when they sold bikinis as a whole size) just so the top would be one size and the bottom would be another.

I have danced most of my life, which included; jazz, tap, ballet, modern and belly dancing which only made this bubble butt even rounder and my thighs even stronger. I have tried to run it off, “Yoga” it off, Pilates, Jazzercise, and in my teenage “modeling” days (yes I modeled for awhile) when they told me ” suck in the butt” I tried to starve it off and all that did was get me down to 106 pounds and shrink everything but my ass, including my face which didn’t look pretty in pictures. Really what I am saying here is I should have been proud of it, embraced it, hell celebrated it! But I spent years trying to hide it, embarrassed by it and struggling with it.

Now though I have found that right combination-the tit to ass ratio. I also have found a partner who, yes, loves them both. I have to admit though when we first were together he was more of a tit man, but this round, beautiful, jiggly, wiggly, badonkadonk converted him over to the ASS SIDE.  Now and again he strays when I wear a revealing top that shows my cleavage but when he takes me to the bedroom and I reveal my g-string in between my cheeks he comes back.  All it takes is a glimpse of my thong or g-string slipping outside of my shorts and or jeans and he is instantly reminded that he is now a converted, obsessed ASSMAN.

Have you been converted?

So in summary be obsessed  over that roundness. Tell her you love the way she moves, the way she fills out her jeans, spank it, and rub it! Men we love it when you tell us we have a great ass so please keep telling us!

Ladies-BE PROUD OF THE CHEEKS! Love them…They have power, they make you strong and walk with pride there is nothing wrong with having beautiful curves-celebrate them daily.


Men-Tell & Show your woman you love their ass!


Couples-Find a way this week to celebrate the ass! Have a massage day/night and rub it-damn this feels good! Do it only doggie style. Try “reverse cowgirl“.

Good luck & Have fun!


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Boobies, Ta Ta’s, titties, breasts, and melons all describe the thing a man obsesses over in a day’s time. I often wonder as I look down at my own why they obsess over them, what is it about the round, protruding objects that men write about, create beautiful works of art over?

As usual I am on the discovery of one’s sexual journey and what makes a person and their own sexuality. This is what I discovered. Men enjoy tits for the main purpose of play. I think in my own opinion it starts because they don’t have them, well they do and some have rather large ones, but it’s not the same it’s the female version that they are obsessed over. It’s the combination of us that they love. It’s our softness, it’s the erect nipples, the response they receive, the moan, the arch of the back while sucking and licking. These are the things that men enjoy from our breasts, our tits!

Play with them?

What is it though that they can get enough of? There are magazines, T.V. shows, and movies dedicated to the Ta Ta’s.  As I have stated in previous posts men are visual creatures and boobies are visual objects in fact they stick out like a beacon just wanting to be viewed, touched, and played with.  Women flaunt there titties like they are a peacock and their breasts are their feathers.

I did a recent survey of men and it wasn’t an “official” survey but men really didn’t care if women were large or small breasted but they did care however about the shape of the breast. Men seemed to like a round “PERKY” breast. They did not want saggy titties, which as a woman I couldn’t help but wonder if we said that about their sagging balls would there be the same response or what would be their response?

Women also have a fascination with their breasts but it is on a much different level. Plastic surgery for breast augmentation is on the rise. Have you seen Kylee Nash’s tits? Oh My God!! As a reviewer for Pornlife Magazine I am bombarded with unreal expectations of what a real woman should look like and I often wonder what type of message this sends to the world of men. I love my titsthey are real, they are not as perky as they used to be and yes I will admit I have thought about getting a procedure done. But then I think am I getting it done to please the world or myself? What is wrong with them. They are round, beautiful, and have a nice shape and they still can be sucked, licked, and played with perfectly fine.


So this is what I say to women and men love those titties, Ta Ta’s, boobies, whatever you like to call them. Enjoy playing with them. Tell your lover how much you enjoy the touch of them, the smell, the softness, the roundness, and the beauty that is the BREAST. Enjoy your TITS!!!


Play nice with TITS!

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Between her lips



We all know what FOREPLAY is, what it does, what the function is and why we do it. But what leads to FOREPLAY is something that isn’t discussed much, in fact that’s what this blog post is exactly about-COMMUNICATION!

Communication-Is the way into a woman’s thong,panties, pants, skirt, hell whatever she is wearing at the moment. Women need to feel connected to you. The only way they this is by you sharing your inner self. Have you kept a part of you from her? Why? What are you afraid? I am almost positive that she has given all of herself to you, does that seem fair?

The one thing a woman truly desires is for you to be OPEN, to truly be honest with her. Share yourself, your WHOLE SELF! Trust me she will know if you don’t.

Talk to her about her day. Understand her. Get to know her desires and her wants. I know that you really don’t want to sit there and listen,but pay attention really closely. She has listened to the kids, you, and her damn mother all day and she just wants to have someone listen to her for once and if that means repeating herself, well so be it, damn she has listened to you hasn’t she about your dumb boss or your idiot friends and whatnot? Ask her what she needs. Just because you are in a long term relationship and or marriage doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to hear from you how pretty or beautiful she is or how much you appreciate how hard she works or what she does for the family or for you. When was the last time you bought her flowers? I mean how hard is it to buy a couple of roses? How much would it set you back a couple of bucks, which you probably could find under your couch cushions or in your car’s ashtray?

Another issue between us as far as communication is men feel the constant need to “PROTECT” or hide things from us. Why? We are grown ass women. The message you send us when you do this is not a message of protection it is, what else are you hiding? We can handle whatever problem you have in fact we feel that we want to be part of your team and by not letting us in it’s just another way of you not communicating to us. Which leads to another subject of FOREPLAY which is trust and honesty.


In order to feel SEXY & want to crawl in your bed women need to feel safe. The only way to do this is to earn their trust. Have you done this? What have you done to destroy it? What have you done to rebuild it? Anger is the killer of trust!!!!! Anger plays a large role in this. A woman does not trust, nor feel safe around a man who shows a hot temper and or a violent rage. Especially a woman who has been sexually, physically, and or emotionally abused.

So men the next time you think your woman is just “jacking her jaws” or “flapping her gums” remember this is the key to getting her in the bedroom. In fact it’s the before the FOREPLAY!



Find out her needs, wants, and desires.

Tell her she is pretty and be honest.

Let her in.

Let go of your anger and or violent rage-you will never get a woman with it!

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Ride My Ass!


You want to put that thing where? I don’t think so!

How many times LADIES have you said HELL NO to ass sex?


Have you tried it? If so did you like it?

If not, why haven’t you?

Did you know that according to The Journal of Sex Research ANAL activities in heterosexual monogamous relationships were up to 78%? That’s a whole lotta ASS POUNDING!

Let’s dive a little deeper into the hole of ass fucking shall we?

I will state the basic facts first!

Women have a bunch of nerves in their anus.

No Lube=BAD!

Ass sex is and can be a full on ORGASMIC out of body experience, if done right.

No Lube=BAD!

Tearing can happen if proper care is not taken.

No lube=BAD!

Hemorrhoids are possible, but not likely.

No lube=BAD!

I know I said that “No Lube=BAD!” A lot but I can not emphasize this enough.  Lubricant is the most important factor in ASS POUNDING!!! Did you read that? Let me say it again.


So now that we have that in our heads let’s discuss how to actually apply lube properly and accurately.

***(Find a water soluble lubricant, do not, I repeat do not use anything but water soluble lube.)

Put a large dollop of lubricant (the size of a half dollar) into the palm of your hand. Take your finger and swab the lubricant onto the finger and insert your lubed finger into the anus. Make sure that you have your finger inserted as far as you can and cover every inch inside. This is an important step.


Secondly take enough lube now to fully cover your dick. Do not leave any spot on your penis dry.  A dry penis is equal to sandpaper to an anus.  The WETTER, the BETTER!

**Keep in mind that a woman’s asshole does not secrete any fluids of any type so you need to make it wet artificially with lubricant.

Are we clear on LUBE now?

Say this with me- “If it ain’t dripping you ain’t sticking” (yes I know ain’t is not a proper word so please don’t comment on this as I was just trying to give you something to tell yourself before putting it in the ass.)

Okay well now that we have covered the most important factor in banging that ass let’s move on to the NAUGHTY bits.

I had to of course do research on this topic and what I found will definitely make you giggle as I know it did me.  The slang terms that I found for anal sex, which there were many I had to list just for entertainment purposes.

“Barebacking”-Unprotected anal sex.

Driving the Hershey highway.”

“Bone Smuggling”

Like the view?Try ANAL!

“Plowing the backfield”

Through the backdoor

Did I get a bit of a giggle? I know I thought they were funny too!

Okay well now that you know the slang terms and I have educated you on how important lube is for “Driving the Hershey highway” lets’ get busy.

Here are some tips for “Bone Smuggling”

Ass pounding-HOT!

A woman needs more than just your big meat stick up her ass, try stimulating her with your mouth.  Kiss her, suck on her tits.

Try sticking a finger or two inside her tight little box. Not only will she enjoy being filled up but you will enjoy the feeling it gives against you with your fingers against her wall.

LADIES, if your man is taller than you put on some sexy high heels and lean over the bed and bend over that ass.  It puts you at the perfect height.

Men-spank her ass, but I am warning you to tap it lightly.  Spread her butt cheeks to see her puckered hole take you in. Watch yourself go in and out. She will enjoy the sensation as well.

Last but not least.  Rub her button (clit if you don’t know what the button is.) while giving it to her hard.  She will tighten up on your bat so hard that you will be ready to cum so quick and she will crown you a SEX GOD.  Make her cum and she will experience the best sex of her life.  Give her the chills, make her body shake, and fill her ass full of you she will never forget it!


Talk to your partner about anal sex

Try anal sex, but do not forget the LUBE!

Get a butt plug and try it out.

Did I mention LUBE?

Be the sex god or goddess this week!

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Stroke it HARD!!


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So as usual I am writing on a Saturday morning watching VH-1 and I happened to stumble upon the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s.  Which was featuring “Whatta Man” by Salt -n-Peppa and EnVogue, which was one of my favorite songs back then.  Which got me to thinking.  I thought about how we really don’t celebrate our men too much anymore.  We really demean them!  Haven’t you noticed how often commercials place them as dumb or idiotic.  When did this happen?  I am not really sure, but as a woman I am not liking this direction that this is taking.  We want men to celebrate us and all of our faults right?

Shut up & LISTEN!!!!

They need stroking too!  I am not saying that we should put up with their crap, but what I am saying is maybe we should shut up once in awhile!  I know there have been several times that I have caught  myself going on and on about the same crap and then after the argument and or “discussion” is over I think it over and wonder why I even said such mean or hateful things to the man I am supposed to love.  Why would I even say things that would hurt him or demoralize him?  These are the things that make me rethink my actions as a woman and as women in general and how as a group we can change our relationships altogether!

What is that you think men really need?  Do you think they need your nagging, bitching, and or complaining all the time?  Do you think they need a woman telling them all their past mistakes, you know the ones that you said you had forgiven them for?  What do you think they feel about themselves after you have nagged and told them how bad of a person they have been?  Do you not think that it affects them just because they are men?

If you would listen!

Do you remember the saying “think before you speak”?  We should all use this in everyday lives, but especially women.  We have a bad habit of letting words just fly out of our mouths at the speed of light.  Not realizing that we are hurting our men and causing a wedge between us.  What are we thinking?  If you would realize just once what damage you were doing to his ego don’t you think you would change?

Today just make some simple changes!  When he gets home from work, or errands, and or whatever he is doing.  Tell him something good about him and him only, don’t tell him your crap right when he walks in the door.  He probably has had a bad day,but he isn’t going to tell you as he doesn’t want to worry you anyways because he cares for you. When he walks through that door hand him a drink and kiss him passionately and with love he needs your lips, he wants your love!  Listen to him, open your ears and shut your mouth for once!  I know I am probably going to get flack for that one.  But does he have anyone else to talk to?  It’s not like he is going to talk to his buddies about work, he doesn’t want to seem like a pussy to his male friends.  He wants to come to you, but have you made it easy for him to do so?

Treat him like a god!

What about in the bedroom?  What have you done in that department?  Have you made him feel like  he rocks your world?  Have you emasculated him to the point of no return?  Tonight make him feel like he is the only thing that matters.  Put some effort into it!  Sex yourself up, put some makeup on, you know that lingerie he bought you years ago on Valentine’s day-WEAR IT! He just wants you and has wanted you and he has waited patiently and listened to you cry, scream, and whine about the kids, money, the house, your mother, and anything else you can find to talk about! Women I am only saying this as I speak the truth and I think it is time that we celebrate our men.

Men we love you and you do an amazing job for us.  You protect us! You provide for us! You are great FATHERS! You are wonderful LOVERS!  Keep up the great work, we are all sorry that we don’t tell you enough!

We promise!

The perfect night!

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Perfect Night?

He walks into the bar and he sees me I am sitting there my legs crossed wearing a beautiful red dress that exposes my tan back.  He admires me and I feel the heat of his eyes staring at me it makes me feel beautiful and wanted as a woman.  He sits down next to me.  He smells like wood, leather, and a hint of manly musk, it turns me on.  With his hand, that simple gesture to the barkeep he manages to convey power.  The barkeep comes over to take his drink order ” what’ll be sir?”He asks.  “I will have a bourbon and coke and no ice please” my kind of man, he knows what he likes and how to get it.  
He moves in his seat to just get it right, where he feels comfortable to make his move on me.  I am not going to make it that easy on him.  I turn my back, my exposed olive toned back towards him he can see almost to my ass, this dress is that far down.  I know he likes the view as my hair is pulled up so he gets to see what he might be able to put his lips on later, that erogenous zone, the neck, oh how I like to be kissed on the neck, not lightly or it will tickle but a strong mouth.  
“Excuse miss you dropped something” he so kindly said to me.  His voice strong, southern in tone, oh how I like the southern drawl.  How could I have been so clumsy? I don’t want to face him just yet, I didn’t want to make this so easy on him.  I wanted to toy with him just a bit, I am sure he likes games, he looks like that type.  Ladies you know the type- the kind the comes in looking hot, with that devilish smile on their face, not cocky but with a devils smile and a teddy bear heart.  What is it with those types that we so fall for anyways, I digress!
I had dropped my small purse on the floor right next to his size 13 shoe, “thank you” I said to the gorgeous man.  I had to turn around of course and he was even more handsome then when I saw him across the room or when he sat next to me as I didn’t want to stare straight at him that would have been weird.  He gave me my purse and touched my hand and I felt it, that instant spark, he gave it to me.  I had read about it but I didn’t know it actually existed but there right on my hand it was.  We looked up at one another and he took me in his arms and kissed me softly, deeply, and with such strong emotion that I felt weak, yes weak in the knees.  I have never felt like that before in my life.  He continued to explore my mouth right there in the middle of the bar and I didn’t care who saw us or if I had just met this man.  I wanted to be in the moment and have him feel me, feel him and connect with him.  
We finally stopped and took a large swallow of our drinks and decided to head to anywhere but the bar.  Yes I know I shouldn’t have, yes I was scared, but something in me told me I would be okay, I would be safe.  
Days Inn

Perfect Night @ Days Inn (Anaheim)

After talking for a few minutes and driving around in my PT Cruiser we decided to head to the local Days Inn.  We walked into the room and he told me to get onto the bed.  I was a bit scared, but not really for the reasons I should have been.  He began to massage me a full on beautiful sensual body massage, he made me feel wonderful like I mattered for once, like he could take care of me.  I felt like a woman a real woman.  I don’t know what was in his fingers that night, but it was magic clearly.  He began to undress me slowly and kissed every inch of me starting with my neck, he placed his lips right on that spot, the sweet seductive spot on me that makes me want it even more.  It sent chills throughout my entire body.  It felt AMAZING!!! I wanted him to continue undressing me, but he didn’t he was a gentleman.  He continued massaging me and kissing me all over my body. 
This sexual god like creature turned me over and proceeded to the front of me but avoiding every naughty part I had.  I wanted him to touch me, trust me I did, but he didn’t.  He loved me, the connection was there.  I wanted him so bad, I wanted him to ravage me, to take me right there, but he turned me to my side and kissed me passionately, lovingly, and said GOODNIGHT!
The story really didn’t end there but a girl never really kisses and tells does she? The kissing part isn’t what I am really talking about, but I am sure you already know that.
Thank you to the man who gave me this story in real life!!!!!
Gabriella D.
 **** Some of the ideas, places etc.. have been changed to protect the innocent!
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Lady in the street and a WHORE in the bed!

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If you are a woman you have heard the following terms before SLUT, WHORE, bitch and SKANK.  It’s becoming a cultural phenomenon to call a woman a bitch, in fact some women call each other this as a pet name or a term of endearment.  When did this happen?  When did we become bitches and how did we change from ladies?  Also why can’t we be a NAUGHTY WHORE and a LADY all at the same time and still be respected in the morning?
Lady, who you calling lady?
 A man needs us to be a naughty girl in the bedroom but our cultural standards tells us something different.  We were told at a young age to “KEEP OUR LEGS CLOSED” yet when we find ourselves in a committed relationship or married we are constantly needing to keep them open and in most cases we enjoy it! So we must live a double life, a life where we must be a LADY IN THE STREET, BUT A WHORE IN THE BED!  So today let’s discuss the ideologies behind what makes us a lady and what makes us a whore and how we find balance and also why the stereotypes and the double standards and the cultural aspects behind it.
First we must discuss what it means to be a lady, according to most dictionaries online a lady is defined as follows;a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken.  Well I didn’t realize that a woman who is a “whore” or a slut couldn’t be well spoken and or refined for that matter. Did you?

Slut, whore, WHATEVER!

Second let’s discuss what the term whore actually means or what the definition is according to dictionary.com:a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse.  Granted I didn’t include the whole definition as in the prostitution part because we are not talking about that terminology here we are talking about a woman who is not getting paid for her services at all.  She is in a committed relationship ie; married or with a partner.  So is she being promiscuous when she is with her so called partner?  I would think not.  So it really comes down to the actual ACT of being a whore!  So then we should dive deeper into the subject.  What does a whore do that a partner doesn’t?
A whore is willing to do just about anything sexually for a price.  There is no limits,no boundaries, she is uninhibited! Men in essence want us to let go of our inhibitions and go CRAZY sexually.  This is what they need and I believe this is what they mean when they say they want a “whore in the bed”.  Yet it still remains a mystery of what uninhibited sex really and truly is.  What does that mean, what is it that men want sexually?  What can we learn from a whore?
A whore will gladly give a man a blow job with no questions asked. 
A whore will let the man take control and enjoy it.
A whore will not complain about the kids, money, housework and his “issues”.
A whore will try different sexual positions.
A whore will let him live out his sexual fantasies that he might not tell anyone else.

You whore!

A whore will let him fuck her in the ass or in any way he wants, without any “issues” or problems.

A whore will take his money.
A whore will leave when it’s all done.

A whore will not give him any companionship.

A whore will not give him love.
A whore will not give him any type of commitment.

A whore will not support him.

So as you can see a whore can and will satisfy his desires and fantasies SEXUALLY, but when it comes to his “other” needs, his emotional needs, that’s when the “LADY” steps in.  This is where women need to find BALANCE.  We can and should be a lady, but of course if you are any kind of sexual being and are truly in love with your partner you will find a way to be that WHORE in the bedroom.
There is a real problem with society though when it comes to being a whore.  It’s not like you can walk around looking like a whore, so “ladies” I recommend keeping this inside the home.  As we all know there are cultural stigmas and double standards out there that we can not get around. 


Why is it that men can and do sleep around and they can be proud of this fact.  But when women do we are called sluts, WHORES, and or skanks?  It goes back to that old saying of “keep your legs closed” at least in my opinion. I am sure there are boys that grow up to be men that have heard this out of their fathers and or mothers mouth.  Hence the reason it carries from one generation to another.  Women are frowned upon if they are sexually active or “promiscuous” but if you look at any type of media men are often portrayed and celebrated when they conquer more than one woman at a time.  How is this fair?  Why can’t women be sexually active? Why are we considered bad?  Because deep down you want us to be LADIES not whores!  So we, meaning women end up living in a constant confused state.  We want to please you!  We want to make you happy sexually and emotionally.  So tell us what you want!  We try to be the lady, we try to be the whore, but we end up sometimes losing ourselves in the process.  So with that said we need to find balance.  So what we need from you is communication.  Tell us what you need from us sexually, emotionally and everything in between.  If you can’t literally communicate these desires and these emotions write them down if it will help.  We want to know!


What I think we need to do is stop worrying so much about what society tell us to do or what we think they think of us.  Our goal should be to make ourselves and our partners happy sexually and emotionally.  We need to start communicating better about our needs as well.  I know we also have a hard time telling him what we need sexually, hell we don’t have a difficult time telling him our “issues” or a complaint but when it comes to sex we are mute most of the time and I am talking in general and maybe this is where we could be a bit more “whore-ish” tell him how you want it.  Tell him to fuck you.  Get dirty, get kinky and get as naughty as your thoughts are when you are alone and fucking yourself and you know ladies exactly what I am talking about!  There is no need to be prude any longer, we have hit a new beginning sexually.  It’s okay to be your man’s whore in fact embrace it. Get on your knees and suck his cock, you know he goes down on you doesn’t he?  Why not return the favor? Stick his dick where he wants it and yes I know I am being blunt and probably you think I am being a bit nasty but we have to stop being so lady like all the time and just get raw otherwise we will stay in the stigma where our mother’s want us to be.  Outgrow the stigma and be that naughty little whore your man needs you to be and in the morning be proud and be a lady and come home again and fuck him like the naughty little whore that you want to be.

Enjoy being his naughty girl, embrace it!


Final Thoughts:

It’s okay to be a lady and a whore!
Find the balance.
Don’t be so prude ladies.
Undo the cultural stigma.
Communicate with one another your sexual needs and desires.
Have a great week! 
Gabriella D.
Owner/Hotlit Books
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What’s your sign baby?

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I love the raw unpolished way it is put together, The writer related to me it reminds her of a journal or diary. I find that very true,it’s appealing to me. A young woman’s perception of sexuality and fantasy, it is fresh take on erotic. I like her Candor and imagination.The character Gabriella has a love of Paris that is equal to her sexual drive and ambition.It starts right out of the gate with steam and passion.There isn’t a moment that bores nor looses you. It keeps the Character fascinating and at the forfront . This is not my typical genre, the writer has a very creative charm and so i was drawn to read her work,i am glad i did. I recommend this book for some Hot Reading!

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What’s your sign baby?What's your sign baby?

You see her across the room, her hair cascading down her back sitting at the bar.  She glances over her shoulder and she gives you that look, you know the look.  You take her in and she turns back around and sips her drink seductively showing you her sexual desire.  Is she giving you a sign? Possibly!  What are the signs that a man or woman wants you, desires you or is ready to jump in between the sheets? There are several signs that we all know but body language is complicated and everyone has different signs or ideas on how to show their desires.  What is your sign baby?

Body language can tell us rather a man or a woman wants us or for that matter doesn’t want us.  But it gets complicated when it comes to our communication.  A woman can and will tell you that she wants you and or desires you, but does it really mean that she does?  Yes, usually it does or she wouldn’t have said it!  I know men most of the time you think that we are just “faking” it but in general we want to make you happy and we want to please you.  After all we have a gene that you lack and that is of the “caretaker” of the family.  Now I am not saying that you can not be “caretaker’s” what I am saying in the general sense women are the caretaker’s of the family and with that they want to take care of you and your “needs”, wants, and desires.  So when it comes to SEX this is included.  What is disheartening as a woman is YOUR SIGNALS! I know you say that you are ALWAYS READY!! But are you really?  How do you convey to us that you are? Do you share with us that you are ready to RUMBLE in the sheets? You know you guys are not the best at communicating with us.  We also need a bit more than just “hey baby you wanna fuck?” or “do you want to have sex?”  So I would like to inform and educate both the SEXES on key elements on the signs to show that we are ready to have, well, SEX!

Women:What sign are you giving?

Men give either big hints or very small hints, there is generally nothing in between!  But I will say from some of the people I have spoke with there are some key elements to a man’s body language and his overall tone and vibe that will convey to you that he is ready to POUNCE!

Men generally will hold your hand if they are interested, this is their first move to show you that they are trying to connect with you physically.

Men will lean forward and close to hear you if they are interested in you and what you are speaking about and the opposite is true if they are not hitting it off with you or in some cases are MARRIED TO YOU!

If a man has on a tie and begins playing with it (and yes I know very few men wear ties these days) he is imagining you in his bed already.

If he has lowered his eyes to meet yours he is definitely into you and is already undressing you with his eyes in his mind.

When he plays with his hair or his ear lobe it is a sign that SEX is clearly on his mind.

These are subtle hints men give off that you can pick up on that will guide you in the right direction.  Take them with a grain of salt or use them to your advantage as with us men change as often as we change our shoes or our hair color.  Men all have different signals, some are mixed and some are easy to spot.  Try to see if you can pick up on the subtlety’s of a man and his desires for you.

Women sometimes men just like to hear that they are great! We constantly bombard them with ego killers so let’s try to boost them once in awhile.  Give them credit even when they don’t deserve it, they won’t expect it.  Didn’t your mother ever teach you to be nice to everyone? Men need love and they need sex and in their heads they are one in the same.  So give him a sign once in awhile.  I know ladies we get caught up in all our crap throughout the day, week, months, and god forbid years, but sex is an integral part of our lives and it keeps us going.  Use your own tools to give him that wink, that smile to let him know that you want him and you desire him-HE NEEDS YOU TOO!


What sign are you giving him?

I hate to say this but men you have a tougher job!  WE women are a bit more complicated.

Women are more subtle when you first meet, she glances at you, she flirts with you.  One way she flirts is playing with her hair, she tosses it to the side or twists it with her finger, but men I think you are smarter than this, you already know this one, but I added this for those who might not.ve quite a few indicators as far as body language is concern but after that, after the bar scene and after the dating period is over and after the HONEYMOON is over you are probably asking yourself NOW WHAT? Well I am trying to help you out.  I will give you some hints, tricks and tips from a woman’s perspective and my ladies that read my blog feel free to add anything to this if you would like.

If her legs are crossed but directed towards you, not away from you that means she is definitely interested in you.

If she plays with her glass or a fork and begins slightly stroking it, she has you already back in her bed.

Has her voice changed yet? If her tone has gone to a light whisper this generally means she is trying to seduce you.

If she is licking her lips and no I am not saying if she is out in the desert or having frost bite I am saying in a normal setting if she is licking her lips, she is thinking of how your lips will feel against hers.

This part of the section is for the married men or the ones that are in a long term and or committed relationship:

If you have already gone to the trouble to be nice and listen today and really paid attention to her needs and of course I am assuming she has done the same.  You have both come to the conclusion that you actually want to have sex, but you don’t know how to communicate what type of sex you would like to have here is another tip for you that I like to call the LINGERIE COLOR CODE SYSTEM.  Trust me it will work and in general if you actually look up the colors there are representations for these colors and how they make a person feel, but I am just using my common sense and experience. So I will break it down for you.


White:  She wants it soft and seductive.  Play it smooth buddy!

Pink:  She wants to be a little playful and flirty with you but still wants you to make love to her.

Yellow:  Yellow will always remind her of summer, she wants to be free spirited so make love to her with great passion! Don’t throw in any kinky stuff just ravish her.

Red:  She is feeling seductive and she wants you to seduce her or she wants to seduce you, this is where it is important to pay attention to her moves.  Is she wanting to be on top? If so she wants to seduce you, if not she wants you to play the part of seducer.

Black: This is where all hell breaks loose.  This is where she wants to be NAUGHTY!! Throw in the kink, spank her a bit, pull her hair a bit. Again as I have said before in previous posts you do need to communicate and by now you should know a bit about your partner, but this is just a simple guide.  Also on a side note it also depends on the material with black if it is lace you need to walk a fine line.  She could be feeling a bit in between PINK, WHITE, and then you need to work up to BLACK. So pay attention to her moves and her vibe-HER SIGNS!

I know men I didn’t cover the whole gamut of colors but I tried to cover the basics.  I hope it helped you understand women a little bit better.  One thing a woman really needs to hear is that you desire her! She doesn’t want to hear “your hot, you wanna fuck?”  Tell her she is beautiful or tell her how much you appreciate her and how great of a job she is doing this will give her all that she needs from you, which is communication and this will make her spread them quicker than anything!

Men and women are so different when it comes to the way we communicate and that is so obvious in the way we FIGHT! So let that be a lesson to how you pick up on the different signs or vibes that we are giving off.  One person could be thinking that they are telling the other CLEARLY that they want to GO JUMP IN THE SACK, when the other one thinks that they are being silly or funny!  It’s all about interpretation.  I read a book awhile ago and it had another system based on beads given to the male and when he wanted sex he would put a bead in a place for his wife to see that way there was no confusion on who wanted sex, the woman had to redeem the bead within 24 hours.  The problem with this system is that what was the woman getting?  Sometimes and I know I am probably going to get flack for saying this but you men are jerks and the last thing that is on our mind is to lay down with you.  There is a real problem with this system because only one person is really being rewarded, yes the woman is getting pleasured, but the man is getting the power.  I think it should be a mutual bead system.  Again there is a lack of communication in the relationship system.  Sex is an integral part of any relationship.  When the sex breaks down it seems like everything else breaks down with it.  That’s why I think it is so important to communicate and pick up on each other’s signs.  So over the next week pay attention to each other and what type of sign you are giving off to each other. Find a system that is going to work with each other.  Lastly use your signs for good not evil!This is a really good SIGN

Have a great weekend see you on Monday!

Gabriella D.

Owner/Hotlit Books

Random Post #004-The Brothers 4


Journal Entry 5/15/2012

The BROTHERS 4, Jealousy-The Green Monster,Envy, Revenge, and Anger!

The Green Monster

Today I write from the perspective of a jealous lover..Can anyone relate?  It’s interesting how jealousy,envy, revenge, and anger are all related in some way.  Jealousy begins so innocently, but he sneaks up on you and can consume you and affect your relationship if you don’t or won’t pay attention.  I will admit I am a terribly jealous person and lover and have been most of my life, but as with anyone I am trying to change and grow but I have set backs but the first step in changing is admitting that you need to and the second is admitting that it is a problem.  I know that JEALOUSY is a problem that runs deep first hand.  Envy he is another monster that is directly related to jealousy, an envious person starts with jealousy and it turns into envy rather quickly.  Being envious of what another person has is directly related to what you DON’T and that my dear friends is JEALOUSY in it’s purest and raw form.   As jealousy and envy sneak into your relationships, revenge makes his move very quietly.  He moves like a NINJA, but when he hits, you will know it!  Unlike his brothers he is out to hurt and destroy everything in his path.  This combined with JEALOUSY and envy can and will make you fucking crazy!  The last brother is ANGER, this one is a little bit more complicated and he has several sides to him, there is the passive, the aggressive, the outright, and the teapot.  The passive is the person that doesn’t really show with their words that they are angry, they show with their actions.  The aggressive, well this person is all up in your face with their anger, they rage quite often and you will definitely know it if they are an aggressive/aggressor.  Well for those of you who don’t know the TEAPOT, let me explain.  This is the one who holds it all in month after month or year after year and then they just snap, they have BOILED OVER, like a TEAPOT and you are the cup that will be filled.  I think out of all the sides I would prefer someone who would be somewhere in the middle of the aggressive and or the passive, definitely not the TEAPOT, you are just waiting and wondering when that boiling point will happen.   Anger will damage your relationships like a tornado, it gathers force, swoops down and ruins everything in it’s path.  What’s the problem you ask with a bit of anger?  The person that is left dealing with the damages, what about them?  Why do they have to constantly clean up the path of destruction?  All of these forces are so damaging to any relationship rather it be of a romantic type or not.  Jealousy affects trust.  Envy changes the dynamics.  Revenge causes retaliation. Anger causes bitterness.  When it comes to the 4 BROTHERS, when they mix it makes for a deadly combination.  So women and men watch yourselves in dealing with one another.  If you have any of the aforementioned issues find out why and handle them together RATIONALLY.  As I have always said communicate with one another otherwise you are headed towards a path you do not want to go down.  Rid yourselves of the 4 BROTHERS!


Sex in the numbers.



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HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris
This last week was my birthday and I began to wonder about how age affects a woman’s drive, her sexual behaviors and how if any it affects her in the bedroom.  I have noticed that as I have gotten older I will admit that I don’t have the same zest per se as I did when I was 19 but I think that is to be expected.  However it is rather interesting to me that there are so many products out there for men and their “issues” as they age sexually, but for us women we are to put it mildly SHIT OUT OF LUCK.  So I went on a quest to find out if there is such a thing as a LITTLE BLUE PILL for us too.  This is what I found.
Why DON’T I want it?
A woman’s libido and or desire for sex varies from woman to woman.  A woman’s desire can be affected by many things including; medications, stress, illness, dumbasses (just seeing if you were paying attention), age, and hormone levels.  Although this is not a full list these are some of the basic contributing factors to low desire in women.  If you feel that your drive to get down and dirty has been less than perfect lately you are not alone millions of women suffer from this and you might want to see your doctor to discuss options and or medical conditions that might be causing the issues.
Okay, LADIES this is where it gets really complicated.  Most of the articles that I read for this all pointed to one thing.


We are our worst enemy!  We get in the way!  Now before I get several hundred of you sending me hate mail let me explain first.  Research has stated that a woman who has LOW SELF ESTEEM does not feel sexy, therefore her sex life is not satisfactory.  A woman who has HIGH SELF ESTEEM does feel sexy, therefore her sex life is AMAZING!  This is where the “OURSELVES”  part comes in, we need to feel good about ourselves.  There are simple, easy ways to do this.
  • Eat right.
  • Exercise
 I know, I know we all cheat, we all get in that comfortable place in our relationship.  We stop worrying about the second helping of spaghetti, we don’t put our make up on anymore.  These were the special things that you did for you, you didn’t over eat, you did put your make up on everyday.  These were the things that made you feel good about YOU!  What made you stop?  So tomorrow put on your make up, do your hair, say NO to the second helping, take back YOURSELF! Feel good about YOU!
This next part will make your damn head spin.  I know it did me.   As I said earlier I was on the hunt for the LITTLE BLUE PILL!  Well I didn’t find it-I know it sucks! But I did find  a lot of interesting supplements that will get you in the mood to get naughty.  However with that stated, first I am not a doctor so go see one before you buy or try anything and second there are quite a few tried and true herbs which I will outline first that have been known for centuries to improve a woman’s desire.
  1. Damiana
  2. Dong Quai
  3. Ginko
  4. Black Cohosh
  5. St. John’s Wort

*These are just a few please see your doctor or a naturopath for further help.

 The supplement list went way to long for me to even try to narrow down.  I will list a few but you can look it up on your own.
  1. Libido-Max for Women
  2. hersolution.com
  3. Provestra.com

*Again I will say go see a doctor before trying and or buying any of these products.  I am not affiliated with any of these products.


 As they say a woman’s emotions are more complex than a man’s , we all know this and damn do we hate to hear it.  Unfortunately it’s true and it affects our everyday lives and it has a huge impact on our sexual function and or dysfunction. 
My fellow women I know it’s hard when we are under so much pressure to be PERFECT, but guess what?  We are the only ones who have that expectation.  STOP IT, RIGHT NOW JUST STOP!  We are beautiful!  We worry so much all the time and yes I am guilty, oh so guilty of it, but we constantly worry about our house, the kids, our job, our looks, money, you name it and we worry about it.  Worry causes stress and stress triggers low SEX DRIVE.  Don’t you want to have sex?  Don’t you want to feel good?
I know I didn’t really cover a broad range of emotions, but there are so many I would have to write a book and not a blog.  What I am trying to say to my fellow ladies is let’s just try to put our emotions in check and get back in the mood.  We need sex.  It helps with our physical and emotional needs.  

Final Thoughts:

  •  If you feel you have a low sex drive due to a medical situation go see your doctor.
  • To increase your libido this week get out and go for a walk and watch what you eat.
  • Stop worrying.
  • Enjoy being you again!
  • Put on your make up, do your hair, put something sexy on and get your mojo back!
Gabriella Deveraux
Owner/Hotlit Books
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Are you HORNY, BABY?

What gets you in the mood for sex?

Imagine this:

The room is lit by candle light, the smell of sweet vanilla envelops the room, your lover calls out to you.  You lay down on the soft bed and he begins to whisper to you; “I want to make love to you, I want to feel you wrapped around me.”  This moment is brought to you by your SENSES.  This is an important part of GETTING YOU IN THE MOOD!

We all suffer from our natural rhythms of  ruts, everyday life, and slumps where SEX seems like the last thing on our list and sometimes we need a little kick in the ass to make it happen. This is where with a little effort and enhancing our SENSES put us over the edge and gets us actually in the MOOD!

I am not going to discuss all of the senses, however I want to go over some of them that might get overlooked.  We often associate SEX with touch and that very important SENSE, which is SIGHT.  The neglected senses, especially if you are in a long term, committed relationship and our possible stuck in a rut are the senses of SMELL, TASTE, and SOUND.  Let’s take a moment and dive into the pleasures that are the 3senses.

SMELL:The scent of Vanilla is the most common for turn on's for men and women


These are the top fragrances in order that turn a woman on.  Perfume houses have done the research.

  1. Vanilla
  2. Peppermint
  3. Musk
  4. Jasmine
  5. Ylang Ylang


These are the top fragrances that can excite men (research has been done).

  1. Pumpkin-this is number #1 especially mixed with Lavender or doughnuts.
  2. Vanilla
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Lavendar-side note*Cleopatra used this scent to seduce Mark Antony.
  5. Musk

SEX is a wonderful and individual choice.  It can be slow and intimate.  It also can be fast and kinky.  This is where your choice of sound and or music comes into play (no pun intended).  As I have clearly stated in previous posts this all goes back to communication and I know men, you hate to hear that-SORRY!  So this makes me ponder on a few questions, which I will set out for you to gander at yourselves.

  • What are you and your partner into? Is it Vanilla sex or something a bit more on the KINKIER side?
  • Have you talked about it before getting in between the sheets?
  • What is your plan?

***I am not saying that all SEX should be planned, in fact I think some of the BEST SEX is spontaneous, but when you have turned those lights down low and selected the music for your SEXUAL ADVENTURE  you might want to take a moment and think about what you are going to FUCK to.  You don’t want to fuck like fast rabbits to SLOW JAZZ. You don’t want to have beautiful, sensual lovemaking to the rawness of HEAVY METAL.  With it clearly stated let’s move on to the next sense.

SOUND:Sound-Is it music that turns you on?

I will admit this one was a bit difficult to find any type of research on.  However I did ask a few people and put my two cents in.  This is an informal study and feel free to leave a comment on what you think a sound or music etc… is a turn on.

  1. Other people having SEX-this was at the top of everyone’s list.
  2. Women whispering in men’s ears.
  3. Kissing sounds
  4. Lower range in piano keys
  5. Barry White
  6. Talking dirty-this didn’t matter if it was coming from the male or female.

The final sense, the often ignored sense is TASTE.  Imagine lying on the floor in your bedroom with the candles lit and feeding your lover.  I am sure some of you have done this, but it has been awhile.  Try it again, pull it out of your arsenal.


These are just a few, please feel free to leave comments on what tastes you know turn you and or your partner on and gets you in the mood.

  • Sushi
  • Oysters
  • Chocolate
  • Pussy
  • A man’s semen
  • Anything with vanilla in it.

I realize I haven’t covered all the senses, which I hope to do in another post.  I only wanted to cover the ones that we seem to neglect and forget in our everyday, mundane lives.

I hope you have enjoyed this discovery of the senses this week!


I realize I say this week after week, but I encourage all relationships to communicate with each other.  I also would like you to communicate with me and let me know how these tips, techniques, or ideas shared on this blog has helped or changed your SEX LIVES.  Please feel free to comment, RE-BLOG, share, RETWEET, or email me.  I love hearing from all of you.  I write this BLOG in hopes to take the veil off of SEX and make it a more positive thing.  Sex should be a thing of BEAUTY, an intimate moment between two lovers, and to share with one another.  So please share with me what you think-THANKS!


**Focus on the SMELL of your lover.

** Feed your LOVER one thing this week.

** Whisper to one another. Notice their breath and the warmth on your skin.

Do not take each other for granted.  Enjoy each other and enhance your experience by trying to focus on at least one SENSE this week.

Gabriella Deveraux

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Random Post #003 Honey let’s have sex!


5/6/2012 Journal Entry

Today I write from the perspective of a sexual creature by nature.  As I was writing today in my next book and diving in to the character, I had the realization of this: what happens in a relationship when you have been together for awhile, this is something that the character in my book is dealing with.  I happened to reference the “sex on the stairs” reference, which is quite fun I might add, but something changes in a relationship.  Spontaneity goes out the fucking window.  I would like to say that you can have it ALL!  Fuck all those people that say marriage and or a committed relationship sucks and that you can’t have great sex while having a good marriage etc.., you should being have wonderful mind blowing sex.  I am not saying all the time, although most of you men would like to I am sure of that and ladies try to do this-PLEASE!  Sex changes the course of a relationship either to the good or the bad.  This is a weird and crazy phenomenon I think and I think also that when people say that sex should not matter, well they are a bunch of damn idiots, probably ones who don’t enjoy sex!  I love sex and I love being the object of his DESIRE.  I love it all it makes me feel good emotionally, physically, and in a sense spiritually.  So go forth and fuck each other silly tonight, enjoy one another stop using excuses of why your marriage/relationship sucks, stop blaming work, money, kids etc…Start looking at your sex life and really try to work at this integral part of you as a couple.  Fuck on the stairs again, spank each other, and let him ride you like the NAUGHTY GIRL that you are.

For more help and to get you in the mood check these great books out and yes I know it is a bit of self promotion, but hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris

Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg 

Random Post #002


Journal Entry 5/5/2012


So today oh what the hell do I say! It’s a rather frustrating day as always.  I know I have  chosen a profession that pays nothing and in return I am supposed to get some type of satisfaction out of it.  What is the satisfaction?  This is what I ask myself at this point.  I can’t compare it to SEX which is something I try to do quite often.  So with this frustration I cut my hair.  It’s pretty cute, not too bad I don’t think in fact I think it’s pretty SEXXXY, oh I guess I can say it is a bit on the sex side of things.  Damn I am so frustrated and the funny thing is, is that I had SEX this morning and it was great sex.  It’s funny how frustration builds up over a day.  Don’t you think?  Just the little things, like no sales, or no downloads on my damn book which I took so many years to write, re-write, research, and design or how you get frustrated that no one likes your pictures, your links, your blog.  Nope you just feel like you are alone, it may sound vain in some way and to me as I write this it even sounds really vain and stupid, but as a writer this is what I live for.  The people to actually go out and purchase my hard work and actually tell me that they like it by way of reviews.  The first time I put my book up on Amazon, I gave away over 500 books and not a single person wrote a review, SERIOUSLY, you got a free book and couldn’t give me a review? Anyways as I sit frustrated maybe I will just go and have SEX..That’s what I need some really crazy, kinky, tie me up, spank me on the ass- SEX. After all I have been a NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY GIRL!!!

 Well if you want to help in any way click on any of the words that say SEX it will bring you directly to my current book…Thanks for reading my blog~

Random post #001


Journal Entry 5/2/2012

Journal entry

So today I thought a lot about the next chapter in my book, which got me to thinking about the next chapter in my life really.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  I was walking along this beautiful path this morning for my walk and it hit me.  This path is like life, you walk along a beautiful path and then you hit a rough patch and BAM everything changes.  It’s odd how one rock or pebble that gets in your shoe can change that beautiful, peaceful walk into a miserable existence and that last leg of your walk is in agony.  Life is like this  and sometimes,well more than sometimes it seems that this is the case in my life and not that I am complaining it just happens.  
There is this blissful, peaceful place and then I hit this rough, horrible, rocky patch and it’s like a big pebble in my shoe.  I have tried to figure out why this happens, some of my friends tell me it’s the universe telling you to slow it down.  Some of them tell me it’s a lesson I have to learn.  I say it’s just the path I walk down and there is a whole lotta pebbles, some are small, but in my case most of them are rather large.  So with that said do you have a path that you walk down and  you know that there is a pebble that is going to  grind on your foot and  you walk down it anyways?  Have you gone down it before?  What made you change the pathway to something a bit more blissful, peaceful?  Just another random post from your NAUGHTY GIRL!!
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Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg


I  recently read an article that intrigued and inspired me to write  this blog.  It has sparked debates between the SEXES and has been talked about over the years among couples, girlfriends, locker rooms, and between the sheets.  In fact I had a discussion with a very “close friend” just last week about it.  I am talking about BLOW JOBS!
The topic of BLOW JOBS  and all it’s fundamentals range from the SPIT V. SWALLOW  debate, how diet plays a role, a man’s hygiene and other factors.  So here I write an article about BLOW JOBS trying to inform and yes educate men and women alike in hopes to create a  SEXUALLY POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT for couples.

Although it is a man’s preference for a WOMAN’S MOUTH to be receptive to his semen and that in general this has been  “norm” some women have claimed that they find it difficult to perform or take .  So this section is for them in hopes to give them some techniques and or pointers, if you will to take his  “MANLY KOOL-WHIP” in her mouth.



  • Put his manliness as far back in your throat as you can (deep throat) that way when he shoots his load, the saltiness and or taste doesn’t touch your tongue which triggers your taste buds and assaults them. Making it easier and less likely to taste his semen.
  • After swallowing the juices of his “MANLY KOOL WHIP” take a big drink of fruit juice or some type of cola, it will help your taste buds recover from the salty taste.
  • An oldie but a goodie, before taking his spunk spray your throat with some type of sore throat spray, it coats the throat allowing you to get him deeper and also numbs your throat and adds a flavor bonus that detracts away from the flavor of his juices.
  • After he has filled your mouth and before you swallow take a few packets of a artificial sweetener and then down them with his naughty cream**you can also do this before and or after the deed.  It will coat your taste buds for awhile with the sweetness with a concentrated flavor.

**These are just a few, however I do encourage every partner to communicate with their lovers first and find what works best for you.

This next section is for the ladies out there that have an extreme aversion to the taste, smell, and or consistency of their lover’s juices(SORRY MEN).  Also some women have gag reflex issues and physiological and psychological issues that prevent and or impair them to SWALLOW and these tips are for them.  So GOOD LUCK my ladies!


  • Give him head in the shower, when he comes in your mouth continue to play with him with your hands and let the creamy substances slowly flow out of your mouth as the water washes it away, he will be distracted by the play and the water will blend it out.
  • ENTICE HIM, INVITE HIM! Men do enjoy watching a woman suck and lick their member, they also get off watching that white stream shoot out! Ask him to come somewhere ie; your tits, your face, your ASS, hell tell him you want a PEARL NECKLACE. He will enjoy this I promise!
  • Some have recommended this one, but I have not tried this one.  From a male perspective they say it dulls the sensation, I wouldn’t know I am not a man.  You can have your lover put on a condom before starting a BLOWJOB then put a piece of gum and or candy to rid the taste of latex and just go for it till he comes.  After he comes take the condom off leave the load in the condom and take him in your mouth, he will enjoy the warmth of your mouth around his sensitive and now released cock.

Okay this next section is VERY IMPORTANT so men PAY ATTENTION!!!!PAY ATTENTION

Men, we love you and do ENJOY it when you put your head between our THIGHS-OH DO WE ENJOY IT!!! But one thing we don’t enjoy is a man’s bad tasting sperm.  There is HOPE for you!  Diet is the KEY! So pay attention and FOLLOW CLOSELY!!!


  • Stop drinking all that beer-THE MANTRA: “Not good for the GUT, Not good for the SPUNK.” say that every time you are about to go out with the guys.
  • Replace so said BEER with juice (especially pineapple) it makes you sweet.
  • Eat less meat it makes your “MANLY KOOL WHIP” taste like dirty pool water.
  • Control your SALT INTAKE, do you really need salt on everything anyways?
  • I am not saying to eat fish, because it is part of healthy diet, but 2 days before (at least) don’t eat anything that swims or crawls in the OCEAN.
  • I have also read that SEMEN can get stale, so MASTURBATE-I know, I know that’s difficult for all of you, but just try!!!

Well this next section is a big part of this whole thing.  I will say that most women and I mean most women ( there are a few that aren’t) are naturally clean freaks, especially when it comes to their own personal HYGIENE and they expect nothing less of their MAN.  Studies have shown that women have an increased sensitivity to odor ie; smelliness, which leads me to say: CLEAN YOUR JUNK MEN!!!If you want this, you got to KEEP IT CLEAN!!!


  1. If you are uncircumcised make sure you clean the under skin and rinse properly.
  2. Rinse, wash, & REPEAT.
  3. Clean those BALLS and follow step#2.
  4. Make sure that you rinse really well, we don’t want a mouth full of soap.
  5. DRY EVERYTHING, if you leave anything wet and just pull on your BOXER  and or “tightie whities” it tends to get a bit musky down there.
  6. Hair-I think this is a personal choice, some women like to FLOSS, some women don’t…COMMUNICATE!



  • Just like I said in my previous post watch some porn and get ideas about technique and use it…
  • Don’t be afraid to SWALLOW or SPIT-it’s all about preference and COMMUNICATION!
  • MEN-Plan ahead, eat right!
  • MEN- Say the MANTRA “Beer-Not good for the gut, Not good for the Spunk.”
  • Women-If he goes between your thighs make an effort, take him in, accept his “MANLY KOOL WHIP” unconditionally by the SPIT or SWALLOW techniques I have given you, trust me you will be REWARDED.
Gabriella Deveraux 
Owner/Hotlit Books
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Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris
HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris
Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg
Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg Now Available at Smashwords!

Menage a Trois Explored-Ooo Lala!!!!

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Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg 
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 What is your FANTASY?

Menage a Trois-Ooo Lala!!!


  Menage a Trois:

It’s a french term, which translates into “household of three” according to wikiepedia.com.

Although the name Menage a Trois has been around for centuries, we commonly know it today in popular culture as a 3some.

3Some is a common FANTASY among men, the desire to have two women fight over, lust over, and eventually devour the cock is something that every heterosexual male dreams of.

What the biggest mistake or misconception is, is that women don’t have this FANTASY TOO!  When in fact women have many FANTASIES, they have dirty, raunchy, erotic, and downright naughty fantasies.2 men and 1 woman= Fun for a woman

We as women were born into a world that didn’t encourage us to be SEXUAL creatures, although our bodies were.  We were encouraged to be “LADIES”  and to save ourselves for MARRIAGE, which most of us didn’t.  But I feel it’s time to;


 To be SEXUAL doesn’t make you a bad or immoral person, it makes you a WOMAN!

I know in the night, in the dark recesses of your mind when you are totally alone you have sexual needs, wants, and FANTASIES


Claim your SEXUALITY-Embrace your sexual wants, tell your LOVER your personal private fantasies.

To help you along with your own personal EROTIC ADVENTURE I have over the last week or so looked through numerous articles that relate to common women fantasies and here are some of them.

  1. 3Some, most women have fantasized about this with women and men alike.
  2. Control- A woman typically has a lot of responsibilities during the day and in the bedroom she wants and fantasizes about her man taking control.  This could be anywhere from light spanking to full on tied up and BDSM.
  3. WARNING!!!!Although it might seem degrading to some women, so if you are a man reading this please communicate with your woman first.  I will say some women enjoy downright dirty and I mean dirty talk, which includes being called “whore”, “bitch”, and or “slut”.  This is only in the bedroom I would not try this after that.
  4. Again see WARNING ABOVE on #3 Some women have a fantasy of another kind of CONTROL, which is known as a ” Rape Fantasy”, where her partner takes her.
  5. Last, but not least, the Cuckold fantasy, some women would love the idea of watching.  The idea of their partner being pleased is enough to put them over the edge, which might fall into the 3Some category as well.Tie me up and spank me that's what some women might want-ask her!!!

I hope this has opened you up to some FANTASIES that are somewhat “Common” and hopefully you can discuss with your partner.  Fantasies can help you bond with one another as well as experience new, exciting, and fun adventures with one another.

So WOMEN shout it, WRITE IT, Pass it on! Share this with others and claim your sexuality.


Sex is not a shameful act.

It’s a beautiful, glorious thing.

Be proud of your body and celebrate every curve.

Enjoy the touch, the embrace, the energy of being turned on.

Tell your partner at least 1 FANTASY.

I also wanted to share with you some of the common terms I have learned over the week in my research for this piece.  The common theme for these were for a 3Some…(Although I knew about the acts, I didn’t know the actual names, which I thought they were kind of funny, so I needed to share them with you.)

369 Position: Two people engage in oral while the 3rd person engages in penetrative sex.

Lucky Pierre: Person playing the middle role being anally penetrated while engaging in anal or vaginal penetration.

 Gabriella Deveraux

Owner/Hotlit Books

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HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris


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Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg


Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg


Book Description:

Traveling from Paris, Gabriella boards the train to Luxembourg and onto her next sexual erotic adventure. Mixed emotions lead her to the unknown, the side of her she that was unleashed until now. A new friend and confidant introduces Gabriella into a world of sexual exploration. This is the second book in the ©2012Erotic Hotel Series where we follow Gabriella Deveraux in her Erotic Adventure!
Where we left off in Paris we pick up in this second book and Gabriella is discovering new things about herself and her revealing her past. It’s much deeper than she thought. She is an overly complicated woman and she is founding out that sex can be a wonderful thing to forget all her haunting memories back at home in Portland, but is it enough? Will sex cure everything? She doesn’t know but she is willing to try.

Chapter 1



The train came to a screeching halt at the station and Gabriella had reservations about leaving Paris she had so many memories and so many unanswered questions that flowed through her mind. Portland came flooding back into her mind this morning, the fresh smell of the dampened streets, the sweet smell of grass, and she was enveloped by grief.  Three years ago she had found him lying face down with a bullet lodged into his temple, this was still a mystery that had no reason.

PDX TRIBUNE December 31, 2009


A man found- shot and killed in Old Town, Portland, Oregon today. No

suspects or witnesses. Victim is identified as Jay Deveraux.  If you have any information please call the Portland Police.



She had no answers; she just knew that she was alone and on a quest to find herself, her true self without him. Gabriella had married young.  When she was nineteen she ran off and eloped her high school sweetheart in Las Vegas and moved to San Diego.


Portland was full of memories for her, his death, and now she just wanted to leave and she was at a train station ready to venture out across Europe.  She knew at this point she needed to leave Paris and move on, she felt attachment growing and an ache of leaving and this trip was about getting out of her “comfort zone” and breaking her sexual and personal walls that were built by grief and bitterness.


As she stepped onto the train, she had broken some of her own personal and sexual boundaries-MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  She felt satisfied still a bit disheartened but she had to move on.  Gabriella moved through the train and navigated her way to her seat. 


Upon arriving a young rather good-looking man was sitting in her seat.  He had defined features, the kind of features that she was attracted to.  Dark curly brown-black hair, tan olive skin, cheek bones that somewhat protruded, a defined nose and a muscular build.  For a moment, she stared at the fine specimen.  In her best French she tried to tell him he was sitting in her seat. 


“You don’t have to use French on me, I am American, but good try anyways” they both laughed at the irony.  The muscular man with the kissable lips began looking for his ticket. “I am so sorry I actually am in the wrong seat, but lucky me I have been upgraded I have the window seat”.  Gabriella caught herself staring at his full and kissable lips as he talked.  She was lost in him. Since Paris, since Whore Alley she was a different person or senses were heightened and her sexuality and her ability to focus in on features, such as his lips were a newfound thing for her. She was excited about the idea of kissing him, feeling him against her body and in fact she was obsessing over it. This also was a new thing for her; she couldn’t get her mind off sex since Paris. Whore Alley must have hypnotized her in some way or the mysterious man must have put a spell on her, either way she couldn’t get this idea out of her head. 


He was speaking but she hadn’t heard a word.  All she could think about was his mouth on hers.  She imagined him being a great lover, one that would take his time, slowly caressing and teasing her with those voluptuous lips. “Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats the train is leaving the station”.  Snapped back into reality. 


“I will ask you one more time lady, do you want the window seat or not?”  Gabriella looked at him with a furrowed brow.  “Damn you don’t have to be so rude” his eye twitched in response to her comment.  The desirable young man stood up. “I think we got started on the wrong foot, hello, my name is Adrien Molido would you like my seat?”  Gabriella was fascinated and enthralled by him.  “Nice to meet you my name is Gabriella and thanks I would like your seat, it would help with my motion sickness”.  She sat down and situated her things and grabbed a magazine out of her bag, put in her headphones and made herself comfortable for the two and a half hour train ride.

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Gabriella Deveraux

It’s OFFICIAL I am the NAUGHTY GIRL of the Internet!

Next Week: 4/23/2012-Every Man’s Fantasy-Menage Trois Explored…Ooo Lala!!!
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As the title reads I have earned the title of the ” NAUGHTY GIRL” of the internet.

So let’s CELEBRATE together!

I would like to celebrate this by declaring that around the 15th or 16th of the month, whatever that Monday is. I will call it NAUGHTY (BOOK) NIGHT!  I will celebrate all things that are NAUGHTY=Erotic. In all it’s glory.  So let’s get started!

This month I wanted to make it simple so I am sharing a LIST with you of things that I have discovered online and you will either LOVE them or HATE them and feel free to COMMENT, I love my followers and I love to receive comments. I have categorized this list to make as simple as I can. Please enjoy.



I have to eat ya know!!!


Hotel Kristof-An Erotic Tale In Luxembourg Now Available at Smashwords!



Traveling from Paris, Gabriella boards the train to Luxembourg and onto her next sexual erotic adventure. Mixed emotions lead her to the unknown, the side of her she that was unleashed until now. A new friend and confidant introduces Gabriella into a world of sexual exploration. This is the second book in the ©2012Erotic Hotel Series where we follow Gabriella Deveraux in her Erotic Adventure!


Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris-download YOURS TODAY!

©2021 Erotic Hotel Series/Gabriella Deveraux

HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris

This is one of my own and my first book written as part of a series. I know a bit of SELF PROMOTION, but hey I gotta make a living!!!

©2012 Erotic Hotel Series/Gabriella Deveraux

Latest Review:

5 out of 5 Stars…!!!

I love the raw unpolished way it is put together, The writer related to me it reminds her of a journal or diary. I find that very true,it’s appealing to me. A young woman’s perception of sexuality and fantasy, it is fresh take on erotic. I like her Candor and imagination.The character Gabriella has a love of Paris that is equal to her sexual drive and ambition.It starts right out of the gate with steam and passion.There isn’t a moment that bores nor looses you. It keeps the Character fascinating and at the forfront . This is not my typical genre, the writer has a very creative charm and so i was drawn to read her work,i am glad i did. I recommend this BOOK for some Hot Reading!


SADE- Bow Down Serve Me

He had her tied and spread for his enjoyment. Her existence was in his hands and he took her senses all but one. The only sense that she had was the ability to touch and all of the things she felt were not what she wanted.

Sade-Bow Down Serve Me Download TODAY!

Although this book has not yet been reviewed, this is a personal friend of mine and I enjoyed this book very much.  It has a dark and twisted ending and for those of you that like a thriller with a sexual side -well you will love this book. Please support his work, it is different than anything out there and trust me you will not be disappointed!
You can contact him at:
The next category of NAUGHTY is ART.

World Museum of Erotic Art-Check them out TODAY!

AMEA // World Museum
of Erotic Art is founded by Hans van der Kamp as a virtual museum in 1
996. It is believed to be the first large site with erotic art to be linked by Yahoo, resulting in thousands of visitors every day.
Irvin Bomb-
combines the erotic with the sensual in his portraits of well known art models & girl next door type muses. Whatever your desires may be we have the right dish for you. From artists tutorials to nude girls posing together, this website is your buffet for all that is erotic and full of sensuous pleasure!
I hope you have enjoyed the list of NAUGHTINESS TODAY and continue to explore your own side of NAUGHTY, you know it ‘s in there somewhere…


Visit these sites and explore your NAUGHTY SIDE and report back what you have found out about yourself and if you experimented with you and your partner on this and or last week’s ideas.

Question for all of you-

What is the difference between a NAUGHTY GIRL and a BAD GIRL? tell me in the comments…I would love to know what you think.

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How to be a NAUGHTY GIRL from an Erotic Writer!

 Next WEEK’S TOPIC 4/16- Naughty Book Night-How Erotica can change you!
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Dear Lovelies,

I have written this article to ENTERTAIN YOU. Please do not be offended or put off by it. My idea behind this article was to teach a few things and hopefully have everyone try some new ideas and not bore everyone with the same B.S. that has been written AGAIN AND AGAIN over the years.

By the end of this you will have the swagger in your step to be a PORN STAR(click me), like in the bedroom and keep your lover satisfied and begging for more. So let’s get started!

Be his PORNSTAR Baby!


  1. Remember everyone has a NAUGHTY SIDE(click me).  Repeat after me, “Fuck me harder.”  Now you try it. Practice these words and the next time you are in the sack and he is deep inside you, use these words. He will enjoy your NAUGHTY SIDE, but be warned once she comes out, there is no turning back.
  2. DO NOT & I repeat, DO NOT be self conscious, every man wants to see a woman naked including yours. He loves your body and every curve. So take the time to enjoy it yourself. Stop hating on YOU. Flaunt IT BABY!
  3. Find reasons to have SEX! Stop with all the HEADACHE EXCUSES.


Be his sexy stripper, BE HIS FANTASY!

  1. Have your man TAKE CHARGE, stop being such a control freak all the time, a man needs an ego boost too. Think about it; he probably doesn’t get it from work, he probably has a lot of stress going on and he doesn’t need you all the time wanting to control EVERYTHING! Just let him do it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, it’s good for us to LET GO sometimes too!
  2. Lovelies, stop hating on PORN (click me), you could learn a thing or two. Watch some with or without him.  Get a few that focus on BLOW JOBS, get ideas and put them to use. You will surprise him and he will be eating out of your hands.
  3. Tie him up(click me) in a chair! Light some candles (which will make you look good and the room smell wonderful) put on some music, something that you can dance too. Give him a lap dance. You can find plenty of ideas on the internet on how to do this. I suggest wearing one of his button down shirts with a bra and a g-string underneath, that way you have something to unbutton slowly in front of him. SEDUCE HIM, TEASE HIM.

After you have teased him with your LAP DANCE, get yourself positioned in front him on the floor and practice what you have learned from watching the PORN about giving him a PORNSTAR QUALITY BLOWJOB!(click me) Do not untie him yet!!!!

Only untie him after he is either begging to PLEASE YOU, fuck YOU or he has EXPLODED in ECSTASY! (Unless he is having medical issues or something of that nature.)

Are you still with me or have I lost you? Please feel free to comment on any of this. You can also find some great ideas in my book:

Order today!

Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris(click me)


Look into the camera baby!

  1. Take a video camera and while he is away at work or running errands, you get the picture (no pun intended) film yourself masturbating seductively. Lick your fingers, men love this. Stick your finger deep inside and moan, arch your back and make love to the camera with your eyes
  2. Last, but not least let him FUCK YOU! Stop guarding it like it’s GOLD sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing, it’s the most intimate thing you can do with one person.  It’s good for you and your immune system. Studies have even shown that women who have great sex lives have better self esteem and better lives overall.


Don’t forget to Order your copy of Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris

Be adventurous this week! Try one of these on for size, rather it be BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, AND OR ADVANCED.  Report back to me and let me know how the experiment went and what your thoughts are on the article and what you accomplished with yourself and your PARTNER!

Have a great and SEXED UP Week,

Gabriella Deveraux 

Author of 5 star Erotica, Hotel Bethany-An Erotic Tale In Paris,(click me) you can find it on Amazon or on www.hotlitbooks.com please also follow her on Twitter or Facebook for NAUGHTY GIRL ALERTS Daily!


HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris

©2012 Erotic Hotel Series/Gabriella Deveraux

Women Write,Men Watch-Porn Phenom!


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Classic Porn Scene:

AND CUT! That's a wrap!

Man walks into room.

Woman is seductively laying on bed.

(Cheesy dialogue)

(tongues exchanged)

Man begins to kiss woman and slowly moves his way down to her obvious wet box.

(The camera gets a close up of him licking her pussy and then moves up to get a shot of her face as she moans on cue.)

Man stands up.

Woman gets on her knees.

She unbuttons and or unzips his pants why she looks up at him.

(camera gets a close up of her face looking at him)

She  begins licking the head of his shaft.

(Camera pans up to his face and  he says “oh yeh that’s real good baby.”)

She takes his large and swollen dick into her mouth fully until she gags.

(Camera gets a shot of the spit coming out of her mouth as she pulls his cock out  of it.)

In and out she brings  him into her mouth  while she twists his cock in her hand.

(Camera stays focused on her mouth, with a close up of her looking up at him)


He bends her over.

He inserts his fluffed naughty stick into her wet cave.

He starts slow.

He proceeds with vigor.

She says “Oh yeh baby fuck me harder.”

Positions change.

His dick is large, swollen, and his balls are ready.

She gets back down on her knees.

(Camera gets a close up of her face.)

The man’s  juices are squirted all over her face.

She licks them off .



Statistics show that 80% of all porn viewed is by the male population. As a woman I have to ask myself, why is that? So I set off this last week to find out. So here is what I found.

  • Men are visually stimulated (especially with explicit sexual images.)
  • Porn-for the most part is geared towards the  male population.
  • Males do not attach sex with emotions.
  • Testosterone-ENOUGH SAID!

Although men are visually stimulated and often time this is exploited in the media machine, women seemingly have created their own a whole new media for their stimuli, which is LITERATURE.

Literature does not discriminate, but EROTICA & ROMANCE has clearly been marketed towards the woman. It’s a phenomenon.

More women read and write in these two genres. It’s an oddity among us. Studies have not been done on this, but there are some reasons why women would read and or write V. watch. This is facts on what I found for this.

Literature-Romance or EROTICA!
What's your Flavor?

  1. Women are visual creatures as well, but emotions are attached to visualization.
  2. Romantic feelings are a main focus in the brain center.
  3. The media machine targets us in a different way by telling us what we SHOULD look like.
  4. PORN is not marketed to us.

So with these facts clearly stated, you may now understand why women write and men watch.


For this week try to reverse the roles. Have the male read  an EROTIC STORY and you watch a PORN. See if you learn something about what stimulates and EXCITES YOU.

 NEXT WEEK 4/9/2012- Be a better lover, from an Erotic Writer’s perspective.


Gabriella Deveraux  


Author, painter, and coffee addict she writes fiction, non-fiction, paints, loves a great cup of coffee and loves the Pacific Northwest and Paris. She started writing when she was old enough to write and began with poetry and from there she moved on to stories of pixies and other forest creatures, she then dove head first with the invention of the e-reader with her first NOVELLA: 

HOTEL BETHANY-An Erotic Tale In Paris.  She had put it away for several years and discovered it in an old diary in her garage that she had written during her stay in Paris. Many edits and additions later she published her first book as an e-book and as they say the rest is history.